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Trade-ins With Keysy

Receive a 10-day trade-in offer that can be applied to any vehicle listed on Keysy.

Enter your license plate number

How trade-ins work with Keysy

A smart way to set your budget

Get the value of your trade-in before you search for a new vehicle so you have an idea of your budget.

Tax savings

When applied to a new vehicle, your trade-in value is deducted from the overall purchase price, resulting in significant tax savings.

Go ahead and sleep on it

Take up to 10 days to compare our offer, or pocket our trade-in payment on the spot.

Hassle-free hand-off

When you purchase with Keysy and choose at-home delivery, we’ll pick up your trade-in vehicle for free.

Trade-In FAQ

We will reach out to you after the paperwork is signed and completed to let you know exactly where to send the title.

You'll typically need documents such as the vehicle title, registration, and any loan or lease documents if applicable. The specific requirements may vary.

Trading in a vehicle online usually involves filling out a little information about your current vehicle, getting an appraisal, and selecting a new vehicle to put that trade value towards.

The timeline for an online trade in process can vary depending on the accuracy of the information provided. In general it can take a few days to a couple weeks.

Yes, you can trade in a vehicle with a loan on it. You will need to provide a 10 day payoff quote when submitting your trade in.

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